Lift Up

What is Lift Up?

Lift Up Las Cruces is a Multi-departmental effort of the City of Las Cruces to improve neighborhoods one at a time. The annual program identifies needs or concerns within a neighborhood and allows the City to focus the limited resources in one place to make a larger impact.

There is a Two-Generation Approach - Combining parent and child interventions to interrupt the cycle of poverty. The City is developing this initiative and will be adding more information to this page within the next several weeks.

Lift Up Neighborhood Kick-off Block Party 2022

The 2022 Lift Up Block Party was a great success! The event was held on Ash Avenue to introduce the Lift Up program to the people of the neighborhood. There were numerous City and community services present, and many people from the neighborhood turned up for the event. The party was a great opportunity for residents to learn about all of the different services that are available to them, and to meet the people who provide those services. It was also a fun day filled with music, games, and food. The event was a great way to bring the community together and help improve the neighborhood.

Where is Lift Up Now?

The City of Las Cruces is currently implementing the Lift Up program in the neighborhood that lies NE of Solano Dr., north of Spruce Ave, south of Madrid, and southwest of Triviz Dr. You can view a more accurate map below to see the specific perimeters.