Registration for camps must be done in person at the Museum of Nature & Science, 411 N. Main St. Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-4pm. For more information call 575.522.3120 or email

Please note that programs listed may be updated, rescheduled, cancelled, or altered in observance of public health orders. All changes will be announced on or social media. 

Scholarships are available through the generosity of the Foundation for Las Cruces Museums’ William Wachtel Memorial Scholarship Fund. To apply visit

kids camp


Monday – Friday

March 21-25, 2022

8am – 12pm

Fee: $20 

Use your observational skills to study the life cycle of plants, learn about the traditional uses of native plants, paint the scenery of the world around you, and track the routes of plant and agricultural distributions. 

Registration closes at 4pm, March 12, 2022.


Class #                    Ages              Time               

3MUS380.01             6 – 8                8am – 12pm

3MUS380.02-03        8 – 10              8am – 12pm

3MUS380.04             10 – 12            8am – 12pm


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

March 21, 23, 25, 2022

Fee: $20

Registration closes at 4pm, March 12, 2022.


Drawing and Painting 

Explore and develop drawing and painting skills while learning about color, value, proportion, line, and process. Get creative and explore different techniques and mediums to create multiple finished works of art and a deeper knowledge of the arts.

Class #                    Ages              Time               

3MOA381.01             6 – 10             10am – 12pm

3MOA381.03             10 - 13              1pm – 3pm


Kids Clay

Learn about clay and ceramics while being led through the creation of ceramic artworks such as ice cream bowls, bird houses, animal faces, and more. Each student gets to paint their work at the end and go home with multiple works of art. 

Class #                     Ages              Time               

3MOA381.02             10 - 13            10am – 12pm

3MOA381.04              6 - 10              1pm – 3pm