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Las Crucens had several opportunities to weigh in on how the City of Las Cruces will manage land use and zoning as it relates to cannabis growers and retailers now that the New Mexico Legislature has legalized cannabis for recreational use.


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Cannabis Business Licenses

Below is an interactive map of all Cannabis Business Licenses issued by the City of Las Cruces and located within Las Cruces City Limits. The map will be updated as licenses are approved by the State of New Mexico and City of Las Cruces.

Cannabis Update l City Council Work Session - March 28, 2022

Cannabis Seminar l January 5-6, 2022

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Fast Facts

  • Recreational cannabis became legal in New Mexico on June 29, 2021
  • The state’s Cannabis Control Division not later than September 1, 2021:
    • Creates the Cannabis Regulatory Advisory Commission
    • Accepts and begins processing license applications for cannabis producers, cannabis producer micro-businesses and properly licensed medical cannabis producers
  • The state’s Cannabis Control Division no later than January 1, 2022:
    • Begins licensing cannabis training and education programs
    • Issues cannabis server permits
    • Accepts and begins processing license applications for all license types
  • Retail sale of commercial cannabis in New Mexico begins no later than April 1, 2022



Permits & Licenses

Business Resources

Additional Resources


When is my Cannabis Retailer location vested for buffering purposes?

A Cannabis Retailer location is vested (aka “locked in”) when a complete Business Registration application is received by the City with proof of a submitted cannabis license application with the State or if an SUP is approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission for those businesses located in the EE or REM zones or for those who applied for an SUP to be closer than 300’.

How can I verify that the location I am considering for my cannabis business is appropriate for the cannabis use(s) I am interested in pursuing?

Contact the Planner of the Day (POD) at (575) 528-3043 or email at to ask about specific locations and their zoning designations for the uses you are interested in.  A Statement of Zoning can be requested to provide an official City of Las Cruces determination on a specific property for a target use: Click here to download. 

Who can provide proof of water availability for my State License?

City of Las Cruces Utilities New Connections, Michelle Figueroa at

What types of permits or licenses do I need from the City of Las Cruces for cannabis business?

Business Registration: Click here to view page. Any building permits for new construction, additions, alterations, change in building occupancy type, or other required compliance with adopted building codes. Click here to apply for a permit.

Who can I contact at the State for questions about cannabis licensing questions?

Where/how do I apply for a State License?

Visit the State’s website, click here to apply.

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