Employment Services

Adult Job Seeker Services

New Mexico True Talent (575) 646-2527

Recently Unemployed – Dislocated Workers

  • Start with Workforce Connections and get referral for Dislocated Worker/WIOA Services (575) 524-6250

Persons with Disability – Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Career Job Changers

  • Workforce Connection Job Seeker Services (575) 524-6250
  • New Mexico Workforce Connection, https://www.jobs.state.nm.us/
  • Go to “Individual” and create an account for all Job Seeker Services

Low Income Seniors

Employment Links

Youth Employment Programs and Services

New Mexico True Talent

Career Readiness and ACE (Academic Career Experience) 575-644-3057

  • A mentor Career Specialist at each high school to assist with career planning and practice
  • Career based programs of study connected to industry and economic need
  • Early field-based experiences through “ACE” with access to over 100 local business
  • Students work with guidance counselors to participate

Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO’s)

  • http://nmctso.com, 575-562-4729
  • State and National membership based professional organizations that engage student members in career and technical education activities as co-curriculum with HS Career Technical Education classes.
  • Student work with guidance counselors to participate

Dual Credit Classes

  • Earn HS and College credits at the same time at DACC https://dacc.nmsu.edu/dualcredit/ or NMSU dualcredit@nmsu.edu

Job Corp - https://davidlcarrasco.jobcorps.gov


Where can I get training in my field of interest?

Career Assessments

What jobs/careers match my interests/skills?

Self-directed online options

Connect with a local Career Councilor

Job Search Tools

I need to create/update my Resume/Cover Letter/Interview Skills

  • Work with a Career Councilor –Las Cruces New Mexico Workforce Connection
    (575) 524-6250
  • NMSU Employment Services/Job Search - oel@nmsu.edu, (575) 646-1631
  • NMSU Career Advising and Support - advising@nmsu.edu, (575) 646-2941
  • DACC Workforce Center (575) 527-7526
  • DACC Career Services - Susan Nelson, snelson@dacc.nmsu.edu or
  • Bertha Cordova Van-Matre, blozano@dacc.nmsu.edu (575) 528-7324
  • Vista College Career Services (972) 707-8574
  • Build a Resume online - New Mexico Workforce Connection https://www.jobs.state.nm.us/
  • Go to “Individual” and create an account for all Job Seeker Services
  • Virtual Webinars and Events https://www.employnm.com/virtual-workshops

Find a Job

How do I search for jobs and connect with employers?

Financial Assistance

I’d like to get an education/training but need financial help