The Branigan Cultural Center hosts changing cultural exhibits, as well as educational programs, classes, and other special events. The building is on the National and State Registries of Historic Buildings.



Parking is at 500 N Water Street on the north end of Main Street Downtown, next to the Museum of Art.

Landscape photo of the Branigan Cultural Center Building


To book a tour, please email Museum Education or call the tour coordinator at (575) 528-3330.


illustration of ravens in circle with their beaks facing towards the center. Exhibit Title on Top

Illumination: Crows and Ravens

July 1st - September 24, 2022

This exhibit features Fourteen, large-scale encaustic paintings by artist Catherine Eaton Skinner. Crows and ravens have been embraced as significant messenger birds in a wide variety of cultures across the world and throughout time. They are known as speakers from the underworld, guardians of souls, and tricksters who test human resolve. Recent scientific experiments on crows and ravens show that they have an amazing capacity for spatial memory, social interaction, and tool use. Skinner embraces all these characteristics as she portrays them in her artwork.

Take off Aviation

Cleared for Take-Off:

Aviation in Southern New Mexico

Oct 1st-Fall 2022 

Cleared for Takeoff examines over 100 years of regional aviation history, both military and civilian, in southern New Mexico, using photographs, oral histories, and historic objects. Starting with the introductory use of military airplanes in 1916 after Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, NM, the exhibition explores the local impact of aviation-related training programs offered through the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts during World War II and the post-war era. It addresses the flourishing of civilian aviation in the 1950s–1960s, with the formation of flying clubs and shuttle airlines dotting southern New Mexico. With the decline of leisure flying beginning in the 1980s, it notes the changing nature of local aviation in the 21st Century. Come learn more about aviation history in southern New Mexico.

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painting of an orange cat looking down on a shades of green mountain range

Symbols of New Mexico: A Personal Experience

Victoria Chick explores New Mexico’s open space, diverse plants and animals, and brilliant sunshine and presents them as personal hallmarks of her time in the Land of Enchantment. Her large, colorful paintings delve into the spiritual and embrace similar characteristics found throughout the state. Chick’s artwork captures symbols and makes them personal.