Traffic Management

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Traffic Management Program is to provide traffic signals, street lighting, signs, and pavement markings services to residents, businesses, and guest so they can experience safe, intelligent, cost effective, and efficient travel on well-lit City streets.

Traffic Management Sub-programs

Traffic Signals

Traffic Management maintains and operates traffic signals, school flashers and pedestrian crossings.

Traffic Signs & Roadway Markings

Traffic Management is responsible for traffic signs and roadway markings which include, installation, replacement and repairs. We use sign making technology to adhere to Federal, State and Local standards for sign requirements. To report damaged or missing signs or markings, go to the Request Repair link.


Traffic Management is responsible for replacement and repairs to streetlights. Streetlighting is used to illuminate public streets and sidewalks in order to keep motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians safe. To report a streetlight outage, go to the Request Repair link. To request a new streetlight, contact us at 575-541-2505.

Traffic Management Programs Pictures