Public Records Request

The City Clerk serves as the Custodian of Records for the City of Las Cruces. By law, under the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA), every person has the right to inspect public records maintained by the City of Las Cruces. The Act also makes compliance with requests to inspect public records as an integral part of the routine duties of the officers and employees of the City of Las Cruces. It is the responsibility of the City to make public records available for inspection.

Anyone may request public records by contacting the City Clerk's Office in person, by mail, email or through the Records Request Portal. All written requests are responded to pursuant to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act. View the Inspection of Public Records Act and Guide (PDF) for more information.

Records Request Portal

The City Clerk's Office tracks all records requests in a Records Request Portal. This web portal will help you communicate with your local government about what documents you need. All previous requests and responsive documents are viewable online. You may even find what you're looking for without having to submit a new request! If you have made a request which is not reflected, then contact the City Clerk's Office for more information.